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Kernza® Mushroom Medley Side

Kernza® Mushroom Medley Side

This is an easy Kernza side that accompanies a myriad of entrees. It is meant to be simple and versatile. Use the vinegar and sherry we recommend, or don’t. Play around with virtually any combination of acids and cooking wines. You can even try adding additional ingredients. This “base recipe” is great on its own, but the directions one can take with it are endless.


Aug 23, 2021 • Posted by Christopher

Hi Mary,

We’ve just started using a new recipe format (You can see it here: https://perennial-pantry.com/blogs/perennial-test-kitchen/kernza%C2%AE-beet-kale-and-pear-salad), which has a better printing option. We’ll be updating all of our recipes over the coming weeks.

Thanks for your feedback!

Aug 22, 2021 • Posted by Mary Jones-Morris

I like to print your recipes BUT the colored backgrounds make them difficult to read. Could you have a “print” option that is more like a recipe card? No fancy colors. Just black and white words and numbers?

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