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We value sourcing our ingredients directly from our farmer partners. We only work with farmers who are champions of soil health.

Kaleb and Angie Anderson

Kaleb and Angie Anderson operate a 3rd generation, 350 acre farm in Goodhue, MN. Following in the conservation groundwork initiated by Kaleb’s father, Marshall, and grandfather, Delmar, they have been actively concentrating on regenerative farming practices since 2006. These practices include transitioning farming operations to completely no-till, planting cover crops post cash crops, increasing crop diversity, planting full season 12+ species cover crop cocktails for grazing, and getting cattle back onto all acres.  They intensively manage a beef cattle herd across perennial pastures and full season cover crop mixes, and sell grass-fed beef under the label Belle Creek Cattle. They are committed to concentrating on regenerative agriculture to build healthy soils and raise nutrient dense foods through uncompromising implementation of soil health principles.

Perennial Pantry sources Kernza from Kaleb and Angie.

Dan and Alysha Coffman

Dan and Alysha Coffman, together with Lee and Rick Thompson (Alysha's dad and uncle), operate Lane Ridge Farm in Nicollet, MN, where their children are the sixth generation on the family farm. They center their farming practices around the five principles of soil health:

  1. Utilize cover crops to ‘armor’ the soil and protect it from erosion.
  2. Minimize soil disturbance using a no till drill for seeding alfalfa and grains. 
  3. Increase plant diversity through a varied rotation of row crops (corn/soybean), small grains (cereal rye/winter wheat/Kernza®) and legumes (alfalfa).
  4. Provide a continuous living cover to protect the soil by using cover crops, winter annual grains, and perennial crops (Kernza® & alfalfa).  
  5. Integrate livestock by grazing cows on the cropland.

Kernza is a natural fit for Lane Ridge Farm because it meets all of their criteria when selecting a new crop. It’s a powerhouse soil health component!

Perennial Pantry sources Kernza and Turkey Red wheat from Dan and Alysha.