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The world's first perennial grain

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Delicious Flavor

Kernza® is a dynamo in the kitchen.

It can be used as a grain, a flour in baked goods, and you can even brew with it!

Perennials are a paradigm shift

Humans have been planting crops annually since the dawn of agriculture. Annuals involve disturbing the soil each spring and often leaving the soil bare over winter. 

For the first time ever, we have perennial grain crops that represent a bold new vision for agriculture.

Good for the environment

Perennial crops, like Kernza®, grow year-round. This means they protect and build healthy soil, prevent nitrogen from leaching into water, and have potential to sequester carbon.

This image compares the root systems of Kernza® and modern wheat. Kernza® roots hold the soil in place year-round.

Good for farmers

Perennial crops build soil, require less labor and fewer inputs, and offer premium prices.

With each new year, farmers face worse soil quality and a changed climate. Perennials offer a different path forward.

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