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Kernza® Perennial Grain

The leading regenerative crop and a cousin of wheat, Kernza® is the first perennial grain, meaning it lives for multiple years. Kernza® has huge, 10 foot deep roots, where the magic of healing the earth happens.

Kernza® is Good for You

With more protein per calorie than any other grain, and our 100% whole grain, high fiber foods, Kernza® is wonderful for your diet.

Kernza® Has Delicious Flavor

Bring nutty, sweet, delicious new flavors to your food. Kernza® can be used in cooking, baking, brewing, and distilling.

Help Save the Planet

Regenerative agriculture is farming that heals the earth, by: 

Building soil: Increased plant diversity, covering our soil year-round, and stopping tillage build healthy soils.

Cleaning water: Healthier soil catches and holds water during extreme rain events, and perennial crops prevent water contamination.

Fighting Climate Change: Plants can drawn carbon out of the atmosphere and store it in our soil.

side by side comparison of kernza and wheat

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