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Perennial Share


Perennial Share


A well stocked and relational pantry subscription, connecting you to delicious, impactful food. 

We deliver a box of pantry staples every month, made with regenerative ingredients like Kernza® Perennial Grain.

We won't dictate your meals. We'll provide ingredients and staples for a flexible, creative menu. 

We’ll deliver classics you love and new items we’re developing while we build out a delicious, well stocked pantry. 

A full share will contain 14 products per month, a half share will contain 7 products per month.

Month 1: 
Kernza Crackers
Kernza Crackers, flavored
All purpose Kernza flour
Puffed Kernza Granola
Perennial Pancake mix
Kernza Savory Pilaf
Kernza Pasta

Some of the products we’ll be offering are:

  • Kernza crackers
  • Kernza pasta
  • Puffed Kernza granola
  • Kernza tortillas
  • All purpose Kernza flour
  • Sainfoin, a perennial lentil
  • Winter Camelina oil
  • Kernza Hazelnut brownie mix
  • Kernza cornmeal pancake mix
  • Kernza puff snacks
  • Kernza pilaf mix
  • Perennial rice
  • Kernza cornbread mix
  • Kernza animal crackers
  • Kernza bread
  • Kernza croissants 

Perennial Share members will get to engage in product feedback and voting, influence which products we develop, and help shape the future of perennial agriculture. 

Packaging will be simplified and focused on compostable/recyclable materials. 

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