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Kernza® Pasta


Kernza® Pasta


Introducing our Kernza® Pasta! 

We've started making our own pasta after purchasing an Italian commercial pasta extruder and building a pasta drying process. 

We start by cleaning Kernza® Perennial Grain and stone milling it into flour. We blend this with organic semolina flour from the Midwest, mix in water, and make a textured, bronze-cut pasta. Dried carefully and slowly, it's a flavorful, healthy staple.

We make 2 shapes:

  • Campanelle means little bells, and is a cone shaped pasta with a ruffled edge.
  • Creste di Gallo means rooster's crest, and is a jazzy macaroni noodle. 

Also available in our Pasta & Cracker pack.

Package size: 1 lb of pasta

Packaging: Compostable bag 

Ingredients: Organic Semolina Flour, Kernza Flour, Water