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October 2022

 Our inaugural box included: 

  • Perennial Savory Pilaf: A flavorful grain dish great in salads and grain bowls. We par cooked Kernza® perennial grain, purple barley, and farro to shorten the time on your stove, and blended them with garlic, onions, and nutritional yeast. We searched all over for high quality dried mushrooms, but couldn’t find any that met our quality standards. We roasted and dried a gourmet mix of mushrooms ourselves, adding an umami base to this flexible dish.
  • Perennial Hot Cereal: A quick-cooking breakfast, made with Kernza, toasted buckwheat, toasted brown flax, and rolled oats. More flavor and texture than a normal hot cereal, and made from crops that increase farm crop rotations and benefit pollinators.
  • Regenerative All Purpose Flour: Made from 45% Kernza and 55% hard red spring wheat, this flour is full of function and flavor. We paired Kernza’s lower gluten levels with a high protein wheat, which creates a nicely balanced flour after stone-milling and sifting.
  • Campanelle Pasta: Our dried pasta is made from 20% Kernza and 80% organic durum from Illinois. It has great texture and forkability.
  • Kernza Crackers: Our laminated crackers are a labor of love, made from clean ingredients without preservatives.
  • Perennial Pancakes: We source unique hard and soft wheats from Minnesota and Wisconsin organic farmers, and blend them with Kernza to make a whole grain pancake that is light, fluffy, and delicious.
  • Finally, a surprise: Silphium and Sainfoin Honey, tucked in to introduce you to some new perennial crops still in development. Silphium is a perennial plant that is a part of the sunflower family, which The Land Institute is actively domesticating and breeding. We hope to offer it for oil, seeds, and maybe nut butters one day. Sainfoin is a perennial bean that they are also working on. We’re excited to offer it as a perennial lentil in the near future. As they’re still actively being improved, grains aren’t ready, but their pollination benefit is! Allen and Judy of AJ Honey Farms keep bee hives next to Silphium and Sainfoin breeding fields at The Land Institute in Salina, KS, where they are an excellent food source for pollinators from July-September, when other flowers stop blooming.

Here was October's newsletter.