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Kernza® Cake with Milk & Honey Buttercream

Kernza® Cake with Milk & Honey Buttercream

You don’t need to have a celebration scheduled to enjoy this cake. Just have it for dessert...tonight. It’s good. Our Milk & Honey Buttercream frosting will do wonders for you, but honestly, the cake itself will work well with any topping.

Pro tip: A ⅔ batch of cake batter will yield about a dozen cupcakes if that’s your thing.



Jun 07, 2021 • Posted by Joe

Hey everyone, sorry for the late responses here!

Ed – I found a website that lays out high altitude adjustments very well. Living in Minnesota, however, I have not had a chance to test them myself, so I cannot say how well they actually work. Here is the link: https://www.wheatmontana.com/content/high-altitude-baking-how-make-your-recipes-work-mountains

As for healthier substitutions, try Stevia or coconut sugar for a sugar replacement. For eggs: Flaxseed can be used. I believe 1 tablespoon of flaxseeds mixed with 3 tablespoons of water allowed to sit for 5 minutes can replace one egg. However, I would suggest not substituting all of the eggs with flaxseed. It may also be a good idea to add enough of the flaxseed mixture to mimic the weight of its equivalent in eggs i.e. 50 grams of egg (one egg), 50 grams of flaxseed mixture.

As for butter, I think shortening would be fine, although I’m not sure that is considered healthier than good butter.

Good luck, and thanks for your feedback!

Presian – We designed the recipe to eliminate sifting as a necessity, so no need to sift! Should you want to try sifting anyway, please let us know how it turns out!

Thank you!

Sherry – You’re right! we forgot to add the milk measurements. The recipe calls for 1 cup (240 grams, 8.47oz.) of whole milk. Thank you for bringing this up!

Jun 02, 2021 • Posted by Sherry

Is something missing? The ingredients for the cake do not include milk, but the instructions call for alternating milk and flour mixture. How much for the cake?

Apr 26, 2021 • Posted by kathy

more than a pound of butter used here, half a dozen eggs.
perhaps a recipe for my grandmother when she was feeding
farm hands during 1920 wheat harvest. note thats 1920.

my suggestion to Ed. K. who commented above is using Kernza to
replace increments of white four, 20-25%, in quickbreads such as
banana bread or cornbread, and in pie crust this still rolls out well
and has appealing freckles. plus you get that kernza aroma without
the cholesterol load. next I will try it in gingerbread.

Apr 26, 2021 • Posted by Presian

Do you recommend sifting the Kernza flour?

Apr 26, 2021 • Posted by Ed Katzenberger

Any suggestions on adapting the recipe to high altitudes? I’m at 5,000 feet. Any adjustments/replacements for folks who are watching sugar and cholesterol intake? Thanks!

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