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Kernza Brownies on a cutting board

Regenerative Whole Grain Brownies



Oct 11, 2022 • Posted by Manajemen



healthy for vegans?

Feb 03, 2022 • Posted by Amy Kaspar

I made this the other day and it was fantastic! I felt the sugar was a lot as well but most recipes call for brown and white sugar, both heavy, and the powered sugar is lighter and still made a dense brownie.

Jan 29, 2022 • Posted by Margot Monson

4 cups is a lot of powdered sugar – did you sift it before measuring? Sifted sugar will measure out to be much less than just spooning it into the measuring cup. Sifting makes a huge difference when measuring. Thanks

Jan 28, 2022 • Posted by Cherie

Did you really mean to ‘scramble’ the eggs? To me, this means cooking them to some degree. If this wasn’t your intent, perhaps substituting the words ‘whisk together’ or ‘beat whole eggs and yolks together’ would be better.

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