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July Campaign Update

July Campaign Update

Thanks to all who backed our Kernza® grain crowdfunding campaign! We wrapped up the campaign at the beginning of June after hitting our goal. Orders continue to roll in, and we’re at about 145% of our goal - thanks for helping us bring direct-to-consumer grain & flour to market!

Since the end of the campaign, we’ve been busily getting manufacturing up and running, and working towards August shipment:

  • Our grain has arrived! Grown in southwestern Minnesota at Lincoln-Pipestone Rural Water, this planting is on a wellhead protection area as part of a project to improve water quality by reducing nitrate leaching. Thanks to many folks at the U of MN for their support in accessing this grain.
  • Our mill has arrived! We bought a small, but mighty, gristmill made from Balfour pink granite, quarried in North Carolina.
  • We’ve been busily testing, writing, and rewriting cleaning & milling best practices to ensure we get the highest quality Kernza® out to all of you. The grain arrives with all sorts of excess plant material, and requires cleaning by width, length, density, & color, as well as dehulling, before it’s ready for cooking & baking. The sweet smell of Kernza has been in the air!
  • Our packaging is designed and purchasing is moving forward. We aim to have all of our bags and labels received in late July, along with clean grain waiting for the millstones to package freshly milled flour. 

All of this is thanks to you! Without your support, we couldn’t be building out the perennial supply chain. Thanks for believing in the perennial future!

Have a friend interested in Kernza®? Send them our way! We have lots of grain to be cleaned and cooked, and are hoping for a successful harvest this summer to boost supply over the coming year.

Happy summer!

The Perennial Pantry Team