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August Campaign update

August Campaign update

Happy harvest season, campaign backers! Kernza has been coming off the fields in Minnesota the last few weeks, and we’ll have around 25,000 lbs of grain tucked into our newly expanded space by the end of next week. 

Your grain is dehulled, cleaned and looking good! We have 1,600 lbs of Kernza ready to go out to all of you so soon! We’ve been waiting to start milling until bags are on the way and we can package fresh flour.

Bags have been our one unexpected delay. We tried many different compostable stand up bag options, and unfortunately couldn’t find a 100% compostable bag that didn’t tear apart during normal use. We ended up ordering traditional stand up bags, and remain committed to finding a compostable option as soon as we can! Our bag printer is in Wisconsin, and they’ve experienced a delay with our order due to a Covid related supply chain challenge. We’re expecting bags to be delivered to us the last week of August, and then it will take us a week to fill and ship out to all of you. We aim to start shipping on the 28th of August, and you’ll receive a shipping and tracking email when your order is ready. We’re shipping with Sendle, a partner that measures and offsets the carbon emission of the shipment, and ships through USPS. 

Thanks again for backing our crowdfunding campaign, and we’re excited to see what you cook and bake soon!

The Perennial Pantry Team