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25 Lbs Kernza Whole Grain ($5.00/Lb) (Coarsely Milled for Brewing)


25 Lbs Kernza Whole Grain ($5.00/Lb) (Coarsely Milled for Brewing)


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Kernza® Whole Grain is perfect for brewing. This product has been coarsely milled on a stone mill for brewing. Kernza is very small grain and often can't be milled successfully on standard brewing roller mills. 

What is Kernza®?

Kernza® is a perennial wheatgrass. It has a truly delicious, sweet, nutty flavor, and can be used in baking, cooking, and brewing. 

Why Cook with Kernza®?

Cook with Kernza® because it's delicious! What's more, Kernza® is a healthy whole grain that's high in protein, high in antioxidants, and has eight times the amount of insoluble fiber as wheat. Buying and eating Kernza® grain and flour is a tangible way to support scalable solutions to climate change and agricultural water pollution, while enjoying a new, flavorful food. Do good, eat well.

For recipes, or to learn how to use Kernza, check out our Test Kitchen or Community Recipes.

What is Perennial Agriculture?

Perennial agriculture is the solution to many challenges we face from grain production today. Perennials are plants that can be left in the field to return for several years without the annual tilling that damages topsoil and leads to erosion and nutrient losses. Perennials develop a deep root system that helps sequester carbon, filter water, and keep continuous living cover on the land. Their ecosystem services offer contrast to the greenhouse gas-intensive practices of modern annual agriculture. They produce nutritious food crops while protecting natural resources, a win-win for farmers, farming communities, food companies, and home cooks. Learn more at Kernza.org.

Kernza® contains gluten and is non-GMO. Processed in a facility that contains nuts.

Only available in the United States.