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Tortilla A 

Made with toasted sunflower oil, the same oil we spritz on our beloved crackers.

Tortilla B

Made with butter.


When we set out to do an A/B test with tortillas, we immediately went to the fats. Tortillas are famously often made with animal fats, so we tried pork lard and butter expecting our minds to be blown by the lard. When we could barely distinguish the flavor from butter, we agreed the A/B test wouldn't be that fruitful since the two were so similar. Besides, sourcing lard (and sending out animal fat in one of flagship products) was a can of worms we didn't care to open.  

While we racked our brains about any other variables we'd be interested in testing, we thought we might as well try the toasted sunflower oil we use in our crackers that we had sitting around in the test kitchen. We tried it, thought it tasted awesome, and decided to go for that as a point of comparison for a butter tortilla.

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