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Let's Develop a Kernza® Cracker

We want Kernza® to be a food. Not an occasionally used ingredient, not a magical environmental marketing dust, and not an incredibly expensive niche product. We want Kernza to fit into a broader community's diet, and regularly appear in everyday meals. 

We think we need to find where Kernza shines in food to make this happen. And, we think this discovery process needs to happen in partnership with other Kernza supporters. 

Our starting place? Crackers! 

Why? They're ready to eat, they're easier to manufacture than other wheat based products, and they're a frequently consumed food in many households. Grocery store data from the last year had $500M of pancake mix sold, and $6.3B of crackers sold. That's a pretty big difference in the amount of wheat going to market!

We spent February testing, iterating, and working towards launching a Kernza cracker, and we're getting close!

We've been filming the process to share our work. Check out our videos below!

Announcement Video: We're going to launch a cracker!

Part 1: Taste test of commercial crackers, and start baking

Part 2: Taste testing our first cracker iterations

Part 3: The hardest part of crackers: Layers!

Part 4: Finding a kitchen for production

Part 5: We need more tools!

Part 6: Production test run #1