Kernza® Perennial Grain Crowdfunding Campaign

Kernza® Perennial Grain Crowdfunding Campaign

To launch direct-to-consumer Kernza®, please select one of the following products or donate below.
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Kernza® Flour

Kernza® Flour is perfect for breads and baked goods. Whole Grain Flour, Unsifted.

Whole Kernza® Grain

Whole Kernza® Grain is perfect for grain bowls or home brewing.

Kernza® Sampler Pack

Sample Kernza® in two forms! Includes 14 oz bags of Kernza® Flour, and Whole Kernza® Grain.

3 Month Trial Subscription

Receive a Kernza® Sampler Pack each month for 3 months!

Perennial Backer – Donate

Boost your purchase and help us make Kernza more widely available.

Estimated delivery August 2020

What is Kernza®?

Kernza® is a perennial wheatgrass. It has a truly delicious, sweet, nutty flavor, and can be used in baking, cooking, and brewing. You may have seen Kernza® perennial grain on menus and beer cans, but, for the first time, Perennial Pantry is bringing this revolutionary new perennial to your kitchen.

With our partners, we’re using this campaign for 2 goals: to launch Kernza® grain and flour to you, and, for those who choose to participate, to run a citizen science project.

Why Cook with Kernza®?

Cook with Kernza® because it's delicious! What's more, Kernza® is a healthy whole grain that's high in protein, high in antioxidants, and has eight times the amount of insoluble fiber as wheat. Buying and eating Kernza® grain and flour is a tangible way to support scalable solutions to climate change and agricultural water pollution, while enjoying a new, flavorful food. Do good, eat well.

What you get when you back our campaign

When you back our campaign, you’ll receive flour or grain, recipes from James Beard award winning cookbook author Beth Dooley, and a guide to help move Kernza® forward through community input. 

You can be a citizen scientist!

By purchasing Kernza® grain today, you are invited to participate in a citizen science project of The Land Institute and the Forever Green Initiative. The project will source feedback from all of the unique Kernza® recipes you trial, and provide meaningful data to the breeders and commercialization experts working to bring Kernza® to the world.

What is Perennial Agriculture?

Perennial agriculture is the solution to many challenges we face from grain production today. Perennials are plants that can be left in the field to return for several years without the annual tilling that damages topsoil and leads to erosion and nutrient losses. Perennials develop a deep root system that helps sequester carbon, filter water, and keep continuous living cover on the land. Their ecosystem services offer contrast to the greenhouse gas-intensive practices of modern annual agriculture. They produce nutritious food crops while protecting natural resources, a win-win for farmers, farming communities, food companies, and home cooks. Learn more at


Kernza® contains gluten and is non-gmo.

Only available in the United States.

About Our Campaign

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  • Timeline

    Perennial Pantry is currently the first wholesale distributor of Kernza®, and is launching a consumer line and in-house processing with this campaign. We’ve already built new cleaning and dehulling equipment, and have grain lined up. With this campaign, we’ll purchase a larger mill for increased capacity, as well as launch a new line of compostable packaging. We aim to ship flour and grain starting in August 2020, and will provide updates as our processing comes online and shipments start.

  • Citizen Science

    The Land Institute is excited to invite you to participate in culinary research through a new citizen science experiment. Your baking experience can help them understand why and how people use Kernza® flour - and the delicious results that are possible!

    Ways to Participate:

    1. Share what you make with your flour or grain by taking a photo of it and posting it online using the hashtags #KernzaKitchen #CookingthePerennialFuture
    2. Recipes and a survey link to help The Land Institute gather more detailed data will be provided with your order.
  • Campaign Partners

    The Land Institute

    The Land Institute is a non-profit organization based in Salina, Kansas, that was founded in 1976. The Land Institute’s work, led by a team of plant breeders and ecologists in multiple partnerships worldwide, is focused on developing perennial grains, pulses and oilseed bearing plants to be grown in ecologically intensified, diverse crop mixtures known as perennial polycultures. The Institute’s goal is to create an agriculture system that mimics natural systems in order to produce ample food and reduce or eliminate the negative impacts of industrial agriculture. The Land Institue is the birthplace of Kernza® perennial grain, and Kernza® is a registered trademark of The Land Institute.

    The University of Minnesota’s Forever Green Initiative

    The Forever Green Initiative focuses on high-efficiency agriculture, cropping systems with continuous living cover, and perennial crops. Forever Green is a collaborative effort of the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS), Center for Integrated Natural Resources and Agricultural Management (CINRAM), and the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (MISA); with major funding support from the Minnesota Legislature, Minnesota Department of Agriculture, and USDA-NIFA.

    Beth Dooley's Kitchen

    Beth Dooley has covered the local food scene in the Northern Heartland for thirty years. She has written numerous cookbooks, including co-authoring The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen with Sean Sherman, winner of the James Beard Award for Best American Cookbook. Her next cookbook is The Perennial Kitchen Cookbook: A Field Guide to Creating a Sustainable Kitchen.

    The Artisan Grain Collaborative

    The Artisan Grain Collaborative is a group of regenerative food system advocates — nonprofits, bakers, chefs, millers, distributors, agricultural researchers, market developers, and school nutrition experts - working to create a diverse regional grainshed built upon regenerative agriculture practices that steward the health of communities, local economies, and natural resources.
  • FAQs

    Visit our FAQs for any unanswered questions about perennial agriculture or our campaign.

Kernza® Perennial Grain

A Climate Positive Food

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  • Grain

    Whole Kernza® Grain is the whole grain without its protective hull on. It is perfect for grain bowls, or as a replacement for rice, wheat berries, or farro. It can be used as an unmalted adjunct in brewing, or you can mill your own fresh flour with it.

  • Flour

    Kernza® Flour is perfect for breads and baked goods. Stone ground and unsifted. Recipes by Beth Dooley will be included in your shipment. Contains gluten.

  • Compostable bag

    Our bags are 100% compostable.

  • Carbon Neutral Shipping

    We ship using the United States Postal Service and Sendle, a B corp that measures the emissions produced by each shipment, and purchases carbon offsets to offer a carbon neutral service.

    Flat rate, $6.99 shipping.